5 PDF Flyers Using Adobe Forms Technology

Project Description

I need to have 5 flyers designed using Adobe forms technology. I’ll include as an attachment a Microsoft Word document with some details on what I need. I’ll also include 6 image files which shows rough-drafts of the kinds of flyer designs that I am looking for.

This is a private project. Only you will be bidding. If all goes well, I’ll have additional batches of 5 flyers for you to bid on.  Even though I am saying 5 flyers, there are actually 6 pages as one of the flyers is 2 pages long.

I have notes on these specific flyers in the Microsoft Word document that is attached to this bid. There are notes to additional flyers there as well but those are for flyers that I am not submitting to you just yet. They may come in a second batch.



This team did a fantastic job in getting the project exactly right. They were able to provide fast turnaround on any requests that I had. Sometimes turnaround was in a matter of minutes. I would highly recommend this vendor. In fact, I just awarded them a second project.