Updating and Admin Tasks on Several Websites

Hi there! This is for several smaller website tasks. You might peruse these and then give a guess for your total time. I figured it was easier to post each in one job rather than a bunch of tiny jobs. 1. This WordPress website banner image suddenly disappeared out of the blue. The banner image […]

Set up New Get Response List and Create Custom Form for 2 Sites

Hello! I need to create a basic name/email form to add to a WP site on the sidebar, and then modify one that is currently on an HTML sister website. This task includes creating a new list in the current account, make the form, add it to the 2 websites and then add the emails […]

WordPress Developer/Programmers Wanted (for on­going projects)

Are you a skilled WordPress/Programmer/Designer (either an individual or team)? We have a number of WordPress sites and we’re looking for a professional team to work with on­going. This initial project will allow us to get started with the right contractor(s) and develop a long­term business relationship. For now though, here’s what we need – […]

Help with MailChimp and WordPress Opt­In Form Integration

Hello! I am having a configuration issue with a client’s WordPress website and her MailChimp account. On the website, there is an email opt­in form in the header area. This form is set up with “Gravity Forms” plugin. It appears that the header opt­in email form is set up correctly. I can test it by […]

Adobe Muse to WordPress Conversion

The site is and is not created for commercial purposes. A few wine friends help me create it for the joy of doing it. Published a couple of issues and will do more, each quarterly. My Son and others say I need to have someone convert the site to WordPress and then learn how to use […]

WordPress Website: VERY SLOW SPEED.Need improvement

My wordpress site is extremely slow. I had some custom programming done for my booth rental process and since then, it is Very VERY slow. I feel this is not host related. It is hosted with Bluehost or justhost.com. Maybe its related to the database and needs to be optimized? I will remove all unwanted […]


Hi, could you please contact me so I could send you the job parameters and get a quote. This job needs to be completed right away ­ so please do not apply if you are notable to devote time to it. We require availability from say 8 am-­8pm pacific standard time. At this point our […]