Catlyst Themed WordPress Clone with Additions

Project Description

Hi Darin,

1. I am having trouble finishing off the new job as… when I was editing I messed it up and deleted stuff I should not have. I need to get [obscured] to see if he can either upload a former version or send you the files etc but he is on holiday but is back this week so I thought maybe move onto the project ahead of that?

2. We have some outstanding money due for the bits done recently so if you add in a amount somehow to this job I will fund escrow and pay over this bit straight away OK?

3. There are some other pressing matters on [obscured] in that no Formidable form is emailing correctly:
– Available Areas
– Initial Information should both email to [obscured] [I think the MailChimp bit may be OK?]

The Personal Success Survey which is completed by the candidate should instantly show them the results in a report and also then email them and me a copy to [obscured]….. but it does not. Please can you have a little look at this and see if it is Formidable or the Plugin designed to process and display the report/results and whether you can fix or we need to go back to the Plug in designers.  All this I am hoping this is something I have mucked about with in Formidable and you can easily locate my mess….

4. Clone [obscured] into the usual type of catalyst theme according to the attached. [obscured]

Once we have got the thing up I can add the other bits for you i.e. slider plus new images etc…. and either add them to this job or make another?

I am hoping to have the other site to you via [obscured] by end of the week.



I work regularly with this contractor and we have built up a good understanding. It is like having all the advantages of someone sitting right in your office but with all the advantages offered by Elance and a job by job relationship. I am always happy with the reasonable prices and the excellent work produced by this contractor.