LiveCycle Forms Design

Project Description

I have a project where I need several .PDF editable forms created. Each form is a single page and the layout will be (for the most part) pre-specified.  These forms are flyers and will have locations where a photo can be edited, where text can be added etc. There is no back-end interface so the form will be made savable using Adobe Acrobat Pro (by adjusting that setting Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader).

There will be a PDF background, but, for the most part that background will be in the form of lines and border boxes and the like. I am thinking that it will be best if you create that background as part of this project, however I will be able to provide some rather specific mock-up drawings to specify what it should look like.

I have approximately 35 of these 1 page forms that I need created. However, I would like you to bid for creating just one to start with. That way, I can select a few bidders for this initial 1 form project and we can work together. If this first form works out, then I plan on doing a larger project with batches of 5 or 10 forms at a time. So, you can think of this first project as a way for you to get to know what I need better and for me to get to know what you can do better.

If you are interested in bidding on this project, feel free to ask for additional information, if you feel that the above description is not clear. I have done forms of this kind previously, and can provide samples of prior work, if that will help in understanding what I need.



This vendor did a superb job creating some pdf forms for me. They know their stuff and also work quickly and understood exactly what I needed. I am doing a second project with them right now, so I do think they are well worth hiring.