Modifications, Design and Updates to Existing WordPress Website

Project Description

Website updates

I’m looking for some modifictaions, updates and additions to an existing wordpress website. Please refer to the following notes and attachments (the notes below are highlighted on the attachments).

Note 1
The Thailand Property Award Banner on left and right hand side of web page.  Redesign with the following;
a) Remove “Best Thailand Property Website” and replace with “BEST INDEPENDENT AGENT”
b) Replace 2011 with 2012
d) Move the writing on the banner to start 1 cm down so there’s a solid black bit at the top of the banner of about 1cm

Note 2
Add phone number to the centre of the top of page (remove the “*view your favourites” from here and move to the bottom of Search Property tool Note 5).  Add a phone icon similar in style to one drawn and the number digits bold and in similar size of the writing in Prime Real Estate.

Note 3
Keep date positioned far right where it is, but move it upwards to be in line with the “house roof” on company logo (far left) underneath add a row with Facebook, twitter, You Tube, g+ and Facebook like buttons (all the same height size.) and link our accounts to the buttons. (I will help to choose style of buttons)

Note 4
Make the search button bigger, and the word “Search” bold text (same size text as “Search Property Tool”

Note 5
Move the ” * View Your Favourites” that was at the top of the page to the bottom of the Search Property Tool

Note 6
This section will be updated to provide links to our iPhone and Android App downloads

Have a cut off picture of an iPhone to the left side of box displaying a page from our app. “make it a page of a property listing” will help you choose this.  Have equal size buttons linking to the App download on Apple and Android stores.  (See attachment “download.php.jpeg” for a rough idea.)  Text to write above buttons;  Download our Mobile App for iPhone, iPad and Android” Can the existing picture on the website be kept as background, if possible faded a bit so the writing is clear.

Note 7
Shrink the 3 “Latest Phuket Property Listings” boxes from bottom, to remove the blank space at the bottom of each box. Reduce to approx 2mm border.  Also add another row of 3 boxes underneath so there are 6 boxes in total now.  And the 6 boxes to be configured to display the 6 “Latest Phuket Property Listings”.  Change colour of ‘View’ button from black to yellow

Note 8
“Click here for more articles” Make this text a bit bigger.

Note 9
Under Click here for more articles have “Join us on Facebook”; and “Follow us on twitter” with buttons along the same style as;


Truly amazing work! Darin is a pleasure to work with and he delivered an outstanding service. He is professional, very easy to communicate ideas with and on time. We will definitely be engaging his services again in the future.