Camman Lighting

Initial Project

Issue Creation of PDF documents from Gravity Form submission was broken due to plugin updates.

Evaluation The custom template used relied on an older version of PHP, causing the failure.

Result Outdated commands were identified and replaced with updated syntax to correct the problem. We also rewrote portions of the code to ensure compatibility with the latest version of commands.

Initial Project

IssueDifficulty filtering and sorting products by multiple criteria.

EvaluationPrevious developers did not adequately manage the WooCommerce data to meet the client’s requirements.

ResultWe resolved the issue by adding attributes that correspond to the client’s products. Additionally, we reclassified the products and implemented an AJAX filter and sort plugin to more accurately and efficiently display product information.

Darin, thank you so much for all of your support with the website. I value your help more than you will ever know. After years of limping along with spotty help, your responsiveness, thoroughness, and sense of humor are always a joy to work with.
Judi Scherrer