Responsive WordPress or Joomla Site (Phase I Darin)

Project Description

Startup IT business into custom software development focusing on cloudbased and mobile application. Providing one-stop-shop for full life cycle software development.

We’re looking for a WordPress or Joomla expert. Here’s what you need to know.
– Does your team work on Responsive WordPress or Joomla websites?
– Are you willing to take a look at my requirement, organize your proposal (prototype)? I will pay a fix cost of for this phase. Then once I like your innovative idea, I can offer you the full project.
– Why am offering to pay for requirement and prototyping phase?  Well, I will like you to have faith and trust in the project and commit your best designer and developer to work on the project and if for whatever reason, your design is not accepted, you did not work for nothing, but got paid for your initial effort.

My site will be combining features from the following sites:
1. (simple and clean)
2. (Simplicity and bottom sliding panel 10 Reason section)
3. (Quick Access video and presentation of product features)
4. (Layout and home page features)

So are you interested? If you are interested, I will select 34 applications, open a private project for and we can discuss my requirement and allow you to prepare your prototype. Win-win situation, you get paid whether you win final project or
not.  This project is time sensitive, be sure you have room to focus on it and get it done quickly.

Your responsibilities:
1. Discuss the requirement, which is not big
2. Look at the websites am picking features from and we discuss these features
3. Get your suggestions on my logo, color themes, etc
4. You let me know WordPress or Joombla and why.
5. You ask me as many questions are you might have, etc and I answer them.
6. You take my idea, combine it with yours and create a prototype, effectively create high-quality visuals that translate my requirements into highly engaging and compelling design concepts.
I think we can finish #1 to #4 in 12hrs.  5-6 is up to your team.

Your qualifications:
– Strong grasp of visual design principles, information design, user experience, typography, color, imagery and iconography
– Compelling portfolio that demonstrates elegant and innovative visual design
– Primary skill: WordPress or Joomla Design
– Additional skills: HTML, CSS
– A complete Elance profile
– References or an established reputation on Elance preferred