Set up New Get Response List and Create Custom Form for 2 Sites

Project Description


I need to create a basic name/email form to add to a WP site on the sidebar, and then modify one that is currently on an HTML sister website.

This task includes creating a new list in the current account, make the form, add it to the 2 websites and then add the emails I’ve written to the autoresponder. The look of the form on [obscured] is fine to use for both sites ­ we will need to edit the text, though.

The emails can be plain, nothing fancy (i.e. no templates, graphics, etc. We want them to look like a normal email). I’m attaching the ones we have written so far.

Here’s the two sites:
(an HTML site ­ I want to have the email opt­in form look very similar to this one, and just update this one with new text and the new GetResponse form code. Also want to move this higher on the page, above the Knees For Life podcast information.)

(this is a WP site ­ I want to use basically the same exact email opt­in box here, on the sidebar at the top, above everything else)

The new box should say (Use your design eye to balance the text and make it look good):


“Get a FREE Book Excerpt and Bonus Audio”


“Enter your name and email to get a free excerpt from Knees For Life, plus 3 Biggest Mistakes Knee Sufferers Make (and How to Avoid Them) audio”

You can use the image in the form, too, to make it look more exciting.

Please let me know if you have questions!

I’ll post account details and such once we agree on terms and start the job.



This is the second time I have hired Darin. What I really enjoy about working with him is that he is considerate and thoughtful, catching details I didn’t think of initially and double­checking to be sure things are set properly. I am very pleased with his service so far and plan to hire again!