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This task is to set up 2 new products in 1ShoppingCart, using the images I have created for the pricing buttons, and then add these new products to the HTML page.

There are 3 total products, with 1 being a button that will link directly to the Amazon book page. The other 2 will be products that are added to the 1ShoppingCart checkout.

I have attempted to set up the page, but my coding is limited. I could spend hours figuring out how to adjust the CSS, but I’d rather outsource this. 🙂

You can get an idea of what I’m creating here:

There’s a new image in the top banner, and then the 3 packages in the main page area. You can adjust however needed to make it fit nicely; the layout isn’t set in stone.

I can provide you with the 1ShoppingCart login and the server details.

Thank you!

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Darin is excellent to work with. We’ve worked together multiple times, and it’s always a pleasure. He’s very responsive and reliable.


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