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This is for several smaller website tasks. You might peruse these and then give a guess for your total time. I figured it was easier to post each in one job rather than a bunch of tiny jobs.

1. [obscured]
This WordPress website banner image suddenly disappeared out of the blue. The banner image is in the media library. I’ve logged in and briefly tried to figure out how to restore it, but started getting into a rabbit hole. Can you restore this image?

2. [obscured]
This WordPress site just needs some quick updates, adding images of people’s faces next to their testimonials on the homepage, and adding 2 new testimonials to the site somewhere on the existing pages. Then, install the SEO Yoast plugin and add keywords to the site. Not a difficult task ­ I just have a million of these little tasks and need to ask for help. 🙂

3. [obscured]
This is a new WordPress site in progress with minor updates:

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Darin is awesome to work with ­ very thorough and communicative. He makes working with him very easy!


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