Project Description

Hi, could you please contact me so I could send you the job parameters and get a quote.

This job needs to be completed right away ­ so please do not apply if you are notable to devote time to it.

We require availability from say 8 am-­8pm pacific standard time. At this point our preference would be for STRONG WRITTEN AND ORAL ENGLISH communication skills.

I’m in California, USA.

I do use skype, and will send Oraganized Work Order Folders ­ by task & png files with paint instructions

My skype phone number is

Here is a link to the website in development:

The 8 “Hovering Boxes” are problematic right now. I had provided the elegant themes original programming for them, and am happy to do the same for you.

How we got to where we are… Well, let’s just say that we are so very close, but the refinements out of Bangladesh are difficult. No matter how many times I explain we are always taking 2 steps backwards. I’ve really been a saint, and come from a fine art and academic background, so I’ve been preparing communications in final TIFF art files, word, screen shots using paint for explanations. I take full responsibility for happy fun clear communications, but am at a loss of how to communicate any more effectively at this point.

I had arranged all work orders neatly into file folders ­ clearly labeled with all images and web elements neatly tucked inside. I would be happy to do the same for you so you can bid the job.

If you could ring me, I’d really appreciate it!!!

I look forward to hearing from you at your first convenience.