WordPress Developer/Programmers Wanted (for on­going projects)

Project Description

Are you a skilled WordPress/Programmer/Designer (either an individual or team)? We have a number of WordPress sites and we’re looking for a professional team to work with on­going.

This initial project will allow us to get started with the right contractor(s) and develop a long­term business relationship. For now though, here’s what we need –

1. We have a site with a beautiful Studio Press theme. It looks great on Mac and PC but does not render well on iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. Basically, we need our site to render on all mobile devices with the about same proportions as this site:

2. We have a plugin called SEO Smart­links that is only functioning about 50% as it should. It is correctly generating some links between posts, but all the links are pointing to tags rather than other posts. There are no links pointing to other posts, so we need to get this plugin working 100%.

3. I’ve installed a plugin that allows an aWeber newsletter signup form to be added as a sidebar widget. The plugin is supposed to allow blog commenters to subscribe to our aWeber Newsletter when they post a comment. However, this is not functioning correctly and we would like it fixed. It looks like instead of the aWeber checkbox appearing in the comment box, we’re seeing Jetpack’s “subscribe to comments” checkbox (even though this has been disabled!) It looks as though Jetpack is conflicting with the Aweber plugin, so we need to get that issue fixed.

4. Once the aWeber plugin and signup form are correctly integrated, I need some minor design tweaks to how the form appears on the site. This will probably involve some tweaking of the theme and also some tweaks of the form within aWeber’s panel. We also need to ensure the aWeber plugin is correctly pulling our blog’s RSS feed into their “blog broadcast newsletter” feature.

So that’s an overview of the initial things we need. Before I provide all necessary details, please introduce your company, the names of the key people on your team (unless you’re a solo contractor), as well as your normal hourly rate for this sort of work, even though this initial project might work best at a fixed price.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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